Why Getting Messy is Good

With kids just getting back to school it is easy to get caught up in the importance of academics and forget that playing is also a part of a child’s learning process.  Playing outside and getting messy may just seem like fun to kids, but playtime actually has an important role in child development.

Research shows that various types of play and parental interaction are vital to the healthy development of children.

Play expands kids’ minds and neurological development

Self-initiated play improves skills such as problem solving and interpreting and is important to brain development and learning.

Play boosts children’s creativity and imagination

Play gives children the chance to invent, build, expand, explore and develop a whole different part of the brain.

Play stretches our children’s attention spans

Playing outdoors just 30 minutes a day increases child’s ability to focus and pay attention.

Play boosts self-confidence and self-regulation

Kids learn to become masters of their own destiny without an adult directing, pushing, managing or scheduling

Play helps kids learn to enjoy just being in their own company, entertaining themselves and developing identity

Ease that guilt when your kid says, “I’m bored, Mom!” and wants to be amused by you.

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