What Is Your Cocktail Personality?

I may be dating myself but I remember when cocktails were simple affairs with creative names – a highball, a screwdriver, a gimlet – so on and so forth.  The good old Cuba Libre was a particular favorite.  It’s just a rum and coke with a fancy name and a lime, but it appealed to my Cuban half and I still enjoy one on the occasion I drink spirits. 

However, either I don’t get out as much anymore, or I am just not with it, but these days drinks are not just about drinking.  Apparently, it’s about matching your personality to a specific cocktail.  Or more specifically, as per Brody the “Luv Coach”, it’s about matching your dating personality to a specific cocktail.  I find the whole dating scene a perplexing conundrum. So it’s lucky for me I’m married.

But if Casa Latina can make it a little easier for our friends to find true love, then it is incumbent upon us to share Brody the “Luv” Coach’s suggestions when it comes to love and liquor:

IF YOU ARE DATING THE “SPORTS LOVER”–The Cocktail Personality is:  BACARDI® LIMÓN™ and Beer. 

If your date’s dream night consists of Monday Night Football, the World Series or the NBA Finals you will want to ensure that your rendezvous is more memorable than just the final score. Impress your date by ordering a BACARDI® LIMÓN™ and beer.  This no-fuss cocktail is refreshing and ideal for the ultimate sports enthusiast.

IF YOU ARE DATING THE “NATURE LOVER”—The Cocktail Personality is:  BACARDI® LIMÓN™ and Lemonade. 

If your partner is the outdoorsy type and enjoys nature, a BACARDI® LIMÓN™ and Lemonade is the perfect cocktail to sip on, al fresco.  Whether you are headed to the beach or countryside on your date, simply pack a cooler of tasty treats, your favorite beach blanket and a pitcher of this refreshing and sweet cocktail.

 IF YOU ARE DATING THE “DAREDEVIL”—The Cocktail Personality is: BACARDI® LIMÓN™ and Lemon-Lime Soda. 

If your date is the type who loves adventure and excitement then you need a cocktail that is just as bold.  Stimulate their palate with the zesty and electrifying taste of BACARDI® LIMÓN ™ and Lemon-Lime Soda.

IF YOU ARE DATING THE “CLASSIC ROMANTIC”—The Cocktail Personality is:  BACARDI® LIMÓN™ and Iced Tea.  

If your date is an old-fashioned romantic, impress them by sharing a classic and delicious BACARDI® LIMÓN™ and Iced Tea.  Whether you’re enjoying a silent film outdoors, relaxing on a veranda or hosting a picnic in the park, a BACARDI® LIMÓN™ and Iced Tea is the perfect accompaniment to any romantic evening.

IF YOU ARE DATING THE “LIFE OF THE PARTY” –The Cocktail Personality is: BACARDI® LIMÓN™ and Cranberry.

 If your date loves being the center of attention then you need a cocktail that will stand out just as much as they do. The fun, bold, and fruity flavor of the BACARDI® LIMÓN™ and Cranberry will match their personality perfectly.

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