TIPS To Make Your Big Move Easy

Most people feel moving is extremely stressful. And for organizationally challenged individuals like myself it can be downright overwhelming. However, our friends at  Unpakt help mitigate some of the stress and chaos that often accompanies a move to a new home.

The Three Phases of Handling Clutter

  • Mark your calendars three weeks ahead of the date you have to be out of your old place. Start making way for the important stuff by identifying the clutter. Read “clutter” as “trash. Make a checklist of all the items that are expendable but have been sitting around so long you simply don’t see them anymore. This means piles of junk mail, massive collections of plastic grocery bags and piles of old newspapers and magazines.
  • couple-moving-in-togetherThe next phase will be two weeks away from your moving date and will require letting go of more clutter, this time in the form of things you think you need, but you really don’t. This is where communication comes in. Your spouse can give you an honest opinion about whether you should keep hauling around that old punching bag you haven’t touched in two years, or if it’s time to get rid of it. Make a list of all these questionable items and check them off throughout the week as either “keep” or “discard.
  • The final phase comes the week of moving, where parting with clutter can be a little painful, if only for sentimental reasons. Your move is going to be much easier if you don’t take two of everything. If you both have a favorite blender for smoothies, shouldn’t one per household be enough? Think of it this way; it can go to charity or into the yard sale along with the punching bag, and it’s one less unnecessary item that will be cluttering up your new home. Make a list of everything you have two of, and check it off as you decide which one goes away and which one comes along.

Delegate Tasks and Use Teamwork

delegatingPacking and cleaning are equally menial tasks and should be delegated evenly to dilute the misery. Make a list of everything that needs to be cleaned and everything that needs to be packed, and check off who gets what according to aptitude. Maybe cleaning the garage is for him, while packing up the shoes is for her or cleaning the kitchen is for him while packing up the electronics is for her. When there is a particularly fearsome job, it should be tackled by the two of you as a team. For example, cleaning out a basement or moving things down from an attic.

Know Your Limits

moversBoxes of stuff are one thing, but when it comes to moving heavy items like pianos and refrigerators, sometimes it is better to leave it to the professionals. Make a list of all of your really heavy or bulky things, and call a moving company like Unpakt that can evaluate and enact the best plan of action. Professional movers are well-equipped with the right tools and vehicles, and they are fully insured in case anything goes wrong.

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