Tips to “Organize Your Living, Organize Your Life”

In most homes, big or small, there’s a lot of stuff. And it’s not easy to organize because organization is not just storage. And it’s not just about throwing everything away. It’s about making space for the important things in life, using smart layout, good design and creative storage products.

The key is to use a few organizational basics, like embracing the multi-functional mantra: double duty is good, triple duty is better. Look for space-saving solutions and products in all sizes. Use neglected wall space to hang stuff up until it’s needed. It’s all about making your furniture and accessories work as hard as you do.

IKEA understands how people live at home and they use their knowledge to create relevant organizational solutions:

Organize Your Bedroom

Maximize space by replacing a single clothing rod with two at different heights for items such as skirts and shirts. Look for products that maximize small spaces.

Use hooks or small shelves to keep little items under control and wire baskets to allow for proper air ventilation for items such as sweaters.

Extend the life of your shoe collection by keeping them properly aired and stored upright to hold their shape.

Organize Your Livingroom

To avoid visual clutter in a small space, keep items such as a collection of DVDs and CDs organized and contained. First, sort through your items, and then look for appropriate containers for CDs or DVDs, available in a variety of colors and styles. Choose colors that coordinate with other furnishings in the room for visual consistency.

The living room can also serve as a guest room sometimes, so it’s handy to find ways to store bedding. Look for furniture that can easily convert to a bed and provide extra built-in storage.

Organize Your Kitchen

Kitchen islands are a great way to add extra work space. Even a small kitchen can benefit by adding a portable island at the end of a counter. Use the space underneath to store extra pots and pans or hold a recycling container.

Organize the kitchen by creating “work stations,” just like restaurants do. Establish stations for prepping, cooking, baking and cleaning with free-standing units that make it easy to establish “zones”. Store items needed for these tasks as close as possible to each station.

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