The Full Guide to Sliding Door Installation

Installing a door is a relatively easy project, which you may want to undertake on your own. Apart from saving you some money on professionals to install the components and further deal with rubbish clearance, you will have more freedom on what the final result looks like.

Before you begin, make sure that you have a dedicated space to work in. This is not a project you can do on the kitchen table. Make sure you do some house clearance to free up extra room. The process can be easily outlined with the following steps.

Step One: Build the frame of the door. First, you want to measure the opening of the door, and cut the frame to length. That is a task best performed in a garage or someplace like that. Once you’ve found your workspace, lay out all the pieces to ensure that they’re all square. Then you want to nail the frame, and place it inside the opening. You also want to make sure it’s completely in place. If you get stuck, consult a carpenter or handyman.

The Full Guide to Sliding Door Installation2

Step Two: Cut the door. Use track dimension to measure the opening. You’ll want to measure it first, and then cut it accordingly. When you have the material on a flat surface, use a saw to cut it to the size that you want. If the cut isn’t perfectly smooth, then you’ll have to plane the surface. Make sure to use even pressure on the door, removing material from it until it is smooth. Don’t worry about the mess that occurs in the meantime, as it is normal for a project of this type. Some rubbish removal later on will save you from trouble. As usual, you can always speak to a carpenter or handyman if you have to.

Step Three: Set up the door brackets and rollers. The manufacturer provided hardware that you’ll use to attach the top track to the frame. They should have included instructions that can help you. Strictly follow those, unless you have made a mistake to throw them out during your home clearance task. Place the brackets and rollers on top of the door, keeping the hardware from interfering during movement. Inspect to make sure the doors are leveled, and if not, make any adjustments necessary. Don’t forget to talk to a carpenter or handyman if you get too stuck.

The Full Guide to Sliding Door Installation3

Step Four: Set up the floor guides and hardware. Using the instructions again, attach the floor brackets. You’ll want to make sure that it can easily move through the opening. Last, just set up the hardware. Now, you’ve installed and replaced your door, but don’t forget that you also need to do some property clearance, as the place is likely a mess from all this work!

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