Sexting: An Issue Hispanic Parents Should Be Aware Of

As parent’s and kids settle into their new school year routine things like sports and homework  become the focus.  While there is alot to think about, schedule and plan there are some important issues that Latino parents need to be aware of.  Sexting and mobile bullying is an extremely hot issue and one which is often under the radar for many parents, until something happens. Then the consequences can be extreme.  Some states are even charging kids as sex offenders for sending and receiving racy images.  It’s important that as a community, Latinos know what is going on and how to talk to their kids to help prevent them from sexting or being a victim of mobile bullying.

Here are 5 steps provided by LG that parents can take to reduce their child’s risk of mobile phone misuse:

Learn to speak text.

In order to recognize potentially harmful mobile phone behavior, you should understand what all the abbreviations and codes mean. Visit for a comprehensive glossary of texting and online terms and codes.

Do your best to know your child’s password.

Sit down with your child and devise a password that is not easy for someone else to figure out (no birthdays, pet’s name, etc.) Remind them that they should never share their passwords, even with best friends.

Provide Guidelines

Provide your children with guidelines to help them navigate and recognize this behavior. Teach your tween or teen to think first before pressing “send” and make sure they know to never respond to strangers.

Tread Lightly

Gently approach the subject, while getting pertinent information from your children. Ask specific questions about their texting and online habits, but approach the issue with respect to their situation and feelings.

Open Communication

When holding this conversation, resist the urge to lecture on this topic. Creating an open channel for your tween or teen to talk to you is essential in helping protect them from negative behavior in this digital age.

Compare your knowledge to the parents who were asked about sexting in this video

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