How-To Take Your Best Holiday Photo Ever This Year

Professional photos are great, but this Holiday season many of our familias  are foregoing the photographer and DIY’ing it.  Why not give it a try and save?  With a little patience and some insights from family photographer Jennifer Charney, your homemade Holiday photos can look professional.

Eight Tips On Taking Your Best Holiday Photo Ever:

Don’t wait too long to take your pictures.  Avoid the last minute rush by taking your holiday pictures in the Fall when the days are longer and there’s more light. This also provides plenty of time to order, address, and mail the cards.  

Have fun.  Let your family interact naturally – You’re sure to get happy faces!  Bring your pet along if possible because it will give the family something to play with instead of just sitting still.  Try to move along quickly.  Recognize when the children have had enough and let them take a break, or maybe change locations and try again. 

Get in front of the camera.  It’s easy to take pictures of your own kids, but who is going to take a picture with you in it?  Find a friend who will exchange family picture-taking favors with you. Have them spend just a few minutes with your family and you can return the favor the next weekend.  Don’t forget to keep that camera going!  Taking pictures of several people together is much harder than taking a photo of just one or two people. Be Creative:  Family pictures don’t always have to be the same from year to year. 

Send only the highest quality cards.  Your photos will look better and your friends and family will enjoy them more.  MyPublisher’s new holiday card collection features professional-quality photo printing, the thickest cardstock and the highest quality envelope liners.  MyPublisher offers free envelope liners, free shipping and free return address printing on all holiday card orders

Pick the best time of day.   Early mornings and late afternoons are the best time for pictures because that is when the sunlight casts a warm glow.

Location, location, location:  The outdoors provides the perfect backdrop for holiday pictures.  If a more traditional look is preferred, head to an outdoor mall and use the decorations that are already in place there.

What to wear:  The key to a good family portrait is coordinating outfits, not matching outfits.

Let go of perfection:  Instead of pressuring kids to pose, sit back and let them be who they are. The resulting photos will be wonderfully natural and not forced looking.

For more information on how-to create your own Holiday pictures and albums, click here.

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