Sustainable Winter Guide

As the cold months of winter have arrived, there are some things we can do to make use of to make sustainable living a reality. Winter is a time when we turn up the heat and we do our best to work on keeping the energy bills low, as well as making sure greenhouse gases are also under control. While we do need to work on keeping warm there is also the need to do so in a smart way to keep the process from becoming problematic for the local environment. The following examples will provide you with more information so you can complete the job without any worries:

  • You can consider the use of heavy curtains to keep heat from escaping through the windows, especially if said windows are not well insulated to begin with. About roughly 40% of the heat in your home happens to be lost through faulty insulation and the windows, the curtains will be a good addition so try to make the most of it.


  • Install insulation in key areas around your home or do your best to fix the thinning insulation to ensure your home will be energy-efficient. Insulation will pretty much pay itself off in due time, as your bills get smaller and smaller. The energy prices around the planet are on the rise in many countries, so this would really help keep things down to a more manageable level if you allow it to happen.

Sustainable Winter Guide2

  • You should focus on sealing the cracks and gaps around the house to ensure you have a good seal on your home as much as possible. These can become a problem, as they can lead to a consistent loss of heat in the process and they can end up resulting in larger bills you need to pay each time, not to mention wasted energy as well. To counteract that you can work on it by purchasing some weather stripping instead combined with other supplies to make things work quite well in the long run. House cleaning will need to be done and covered as well, from carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more. Use the warmer days to handle the cleaning after you are done with addressing the insulation.


  • Pelmets can be installed on the windows, which are boxes you can place on top of your curtain rods to trap the cold air from coming in from the outside. If you don’t have those then you will need to find a cheaper solution to make the same thing happen, such as heavy blankets and in case of emergencies you can even use a thick towel to make it work.


  • Keep your eye on the temperature of your place and see about ensuring it will be at comfortable levels, but without going way too far. A programmable thermostat will allow you to handle that without a problem and if all else fails and you want to keep the energy expenditure lower, you can lower the thermostat and just dress a bit warmer inside.

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