Spring Maintenance Checklist

Springtime has finally arrived.  The flowers are about to bloom, the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer.  So get motivated and tackle those home maintenance projects before the start of your outdoor family fiestas!

Our friends at Holmes: The Magazine to Make it Right offer an easy-to-follow checklist list to help you keep your home in tip-top shape.

Spring Maintenance Checklist

Walk your property like an inspector would, from outside in – and then address any issues you find.

Yard & Exterior

1)   Check that the flashing around all windows, doors and vents is intact.

2)   Trim overgrown bushes and other vegetation away from the home to prevent water and pest damage.

3)   Make sure sprinkler heads aren’t hitting the house with water, and that any moisture, including from gutters, is draining away from the foundation.

4)   Have your gutters and downspouts cleared of debris.

5)      Make sure the fence around a pool is undamaged, and that the gate latch is in working order.

Rest of the House

6)   Replace batteries in your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. In electric units, give them a gentle vacuum to eliminate built-up dust.

7)   Vacuum the coils at the bottom of back of the refrigerator to increase energy efficiency as much as 30 percent.

 8)   Check the kitchen exhaust fan and change the air filter. Cooking grease build-up can spark a fire, and a dirty filter diminishes efficiency.

9)   Look for puddles and wet surfaces in the basement – signs that a pipe may have burst or that you have a foundation leak.

10)   Schedule a professional inspection and maintenance visit for your HVAC system.

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