Spring Cleaning: Let Nature In

Spring is in the air! The birds are chirping and the sun is shining so why not let nature in? I love the natural lighting, the joy and beauty that it brings into my home. Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows us to freshen up our homes from top to bottom. Some consider it time consuming but the biggest part of spring cleaning is getting rid of the heavy curtains and the clutter that we have accumulated during the winter months. A change in season also means a change in decor and color. That’s why we are having a spring cleaning series. Today, we tackle window treatment, window cleaning, curtain changes and shade selections. Let’s brighten up your home so it can match spring.

Cleaning Windows

Cleaning windows can be dangerous. If you live in a building, you should ask your super if they offer a cleaning window service. If they don’t or if you own your own home, then you have to take some things into consideration before you begin. Take a good look at your windows. What type of windows do you have? If they pop out, then you can remove them and clean them easily. If they don’t pop out, this is when this task becomes dangerous. When cleaning any window above the second floor, please be careful. Do not do this by yourself. Have someone hold you from the inside so you don’t slip or fall. Clean windows are not worth you getting hurt!

Believe it or not the correct cleaning tools are essential for a good window cleaning job. Your bucket should consist of a squeegee, a scrubbing wand, a scraper, and a few lint free towels. Let’s not forget Grandma’s solution of using vinegar to clean your windows. It still works extremely well. Keep in mind that vinegar is also effective in helping dissolve mineral deposits.

Curtains for Spring

Winter curtains are heavier, while spring and summer curtains are thinner, more graceful and lighter in color. Try colors that are on trend for this spring, like creams and neutrals. Eclectic colors, like green and tangerine, are also trendy this year. Keep in mind to find a style of curtain that compliments the style of your window best. Your treatments can be as simple or as complex as you like, or you may decide not to hang any curtains at all during the warm months. I have a friend who opted out of curtains because he has a striking view of Central Park. He invites mother nature into his home with open arms. The view is his canvas and it fits his decor. It really is all about your style and where you live. I have another friend who lives in a high rise so no one can peek in. If that isn’t your case then curtains may be the better choice. Unless you don’t mind having a Peeping Tom!

Type of Shades

I love bamboo shades for spring. They bring a relaxed, tropical or Asian feel to your décor. They also allow lots of light to peep through, giving the room a bright feel while still covering your windows.  For as beautiful as they are they do not offer much privacy. So, if you live on a busy street or live across someone else’s window, you should consider buying shades with a light weight lining.

Another shade to consider is a Top Down/Bottom Up shade. These shades can be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom. This allows light into the room, but still provides privacy. It is double the price of a standard shade, but it is worth every penny, especially in bathrooms and bedrooms with large low windows. I just recently finished a house that had six bathrooms. While working on the house, I had a hard time using any of the bathrooms, because each bathroom had a toilet that sat across a very large window. The windows were as low as my knees when I sat on the bowl and were each covered with standard shades. I made sure to have each of the windows fitted with Top Down/ Bottom Up shades before I left.

Quick Tips to Remember for Spring Cleaning:

  • Don’t forget to clean your windowsills to get rid of grime and dust. Pollen may creep in during the spring time so make sure you clean them frequently. It is especially important to do so if anyone in your household has allergies.
  • Clean your shades! They collect dust. It’s a given that you will pull your shades (if you have any) much more frequently during the spring to let the light in. The more you pull and fiddle with them the more the dust spreads. That’s why they must be clean!
  • A good shade will provide privacy while allowing light in.

Make sure to come back next Monday for the next post on Spring Cleaning. We will help you with organizing your closet for spring!

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