Some Things Change While Others Remain The Same

B ikini girlsThe Bikini on the left was initially thought to be Risqué and Scandalous, even the Catholic Church tried to have it banned……..The bikini on the right by today s standards is considered Modest.

Kids listening to musicThe world has changed dramatically from when my mom was a kid. Back then a 45-rpm disc was spun on a record player. Today, the average 9-year-old will ask “Mom what’s a Record Player????” 

Music lovers are getting younger and younger……and today’s  Technology is enabling  our children to enjoy all kinds of music with out bothering the person next to them.

Gowns now and thenThe Gown will never go out of style……Nothing makes a woman feel more like a lady than when she wears an Elegant Full-Length Overly Done Dress……Of course certain things have changed, like the use of less fabric and the exposure of more skin……Legs have never looked so good as when they’re peeking through from under a breathtaking gown…… Big or small the ladies always look Hot…..and the balancing of the Hats are no longer a requirement.

PicMonkey CollageThe original TV’s were big wooden boxes that sat on the floor, transmitting grainy black & white visual images……The TV’s of today, can come  massive in size, but no longer heavy in weight……They hang like Abstract Paintings  from almost any wall in the home,  both inside and outside……

Famous boobsMen love them, a lot of Woman want them…..The bigger they are the more attention they get….. Business Deals  have been closed at the sight of large Boobs seated across a conference table…..Cars have been driven off the road at the sight of large Boobs and even Professors have fallen off their Pedestal at the sight of large Boobs.

Boobs will always make a grand entrance.

SUV THEN AND NOWThe  SUV ………unbeknownst  to us  has always been around…..Back then it got you from A to B, with no guarantees that you or your family were going to reach your destination safely.

Today, Seat Belts, Airbags and Law Enforced Rules give us a greater chance of reaching our destination in one piece . 

PicMonkey CollageThe Tires have gotten smaller, the Cribs can now come with Lumbar Support and the pushers are no longer only mommies……Daddies pushing their baby, proves that we have come a long way….

Pratt- RDM HouseThe Charles Millard Pratt House on the left was built circa 1893.……. While the Newport Beach, CA. House was built circa 2012……..They both look as though they were built yesterday.

John-Stamos-Final 800 x 510

John Stamos……Most of us have changed with the years, while this gorgeous man has remained the……same.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

I am an admirer of both Old and New and its amazing to me how far we have come…….as humans we now live longer, our homes have increased in square footage, but have declined in family size and Technology has and continues to take us where no man has gone before…….From these pics you can see so many things that have changed to improve our lives, while some many were so far advanced   in the year of  their conception that their perfection can not be improved upon…….Please feel free to send  us pics of those things that I have forgotten to mention.












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