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Why is it that when you have the relationship of your dreams something seems to just go wrong? Why do people fall out of love? Is it the pressures of the outside world dictating how you should run your relationship? Is it fear of getting hurt when things start to feel well, real? I for one feel as if stress is a key component in this equation. When the in laws are too nosey that adds stress to the relationship. When one of the partners health starts to decline that adds worry which then turns to stress. The lack of a sexual appetite or drive from one or the other hurts the relationship as well. For men feeling as if they have to keep up with their single friends and look cool can break a relationship apart. For women the fact that we have a biological clock makes us a little crazy and we then add pressure to our partners and that hinders the relationship as well.

But, mostly out of all these small hiccups the one major reason relationships falter, MONEY. Money is the root of all evil and also it can control happiness. When you are in a relationship and you start having money issues this affects the relationship in a negative way. Who does it affect more? The man, of course. Now I am going to explain this, but only for the truth. If you are in a relationship with a “real man” and you guys are indeed committed and have a real partnership, yes, money can be an issue. Real men have it programmed into their brains that they are head of the household. They bring home the bacon. They need to provide for their family. When a man is “broke” it shatters his self-esteem. He becomes every emotion you can possibly imagine. At first he is worried because he just lost his means of supporting what’s his. At the moment he cannot provide [anything]. He then becomes angry. The anger is a sign that he feels he should be doing something to bring in money. He is angry because he failed to keep his job. Then comes the stress. He needs money, bills are piling up. He probably starts working a new job to work extra hours that keep him away from home. The woman feels a little left out, lonely and abandoned. The arguments begin. He is stressed because he has too much on his plate, people relying on him, and he has a responsibility. This makes him distant, grumpy, and quick to begin an argument. The relationship deteriorates. It doesn’t have to end.

Relationships will hit bumpy roads more than they would like. It happens. But, if you find someone who is willing to be with you at your worse than you need to stick with them until you have reached your best and live that great life together. Talking always helps. Don’t worry so much about what needs to be done. Instead, come up with a plan to help each other. Work together. Don’t allow your anger and frustrations affect your family. The man is the king of the house, he is a role model to his children, and a rock for his partner. Real couples work out their issues together as a unit. They build and learn with each other. I feel if you work hard together, if there is love, trust, respect and romance 2 people can make their relationship last through any storm.

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