Small Bathrooms: How-To Do More With Less

Do you have a small bathroom? Would you like more usable space without embarking on a major renovation? There are solutions. Check out my article in Fox News Latino to learn how you can do more with the space you have.

Casa Latina: How to Maximize Bathroom Space

One of the main issues of city living is often the lack of space, especially in the itsy bitsy bathrooms. Most small bathrooms become even more claustrophobic when toiletries are everywhere. The solutions to claiming your space is simply becoming more creative. Did you know that most walls have studs that are 16 inch apart? If there is no plumbing or insulation between the studs, you may be able to gain at least 4 inch of depth and cut out a niche.

A niche gives a small bathroom much needed space. For example, a niche on the side of a medicine cabinet can serve as a home for toiletries. Add a few glass shelves, extra lighting and transfer your toiletries into decorative containers and you’ve converted the niche into more of a display than simply a utilitarian storage solution. Towels always seem to be in the way too. Even when hung on hooks they protrude into the space. With a niche the towels have their own designated space and appear neater.

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