Simple Tips For Housebreaking A Puppy

Bringing a mascota home is exciting.  But if it’s a puppy that is the new addition to your familia expect pet messes – and lots of them. Puppies are naturally excited, and with that excitement come accidents.  Also, puppies do not understand they need to ask to be let outside to do their business.  Housebreaking is a long and frustrating process, so be prepared if your puppy piddles on the living room rug before they learn how-to communicate that they need to be walked

Warren Eckstein, internationally known pet expert and trainer, has tons of advice on housebreaking for new pet owners.  You can learn more at  Here are a few of his top tips:

  • When unsupervised, pets need to be confined.  Use a baby gate to block off a small kitchen area where messes will be easy to clean up.
  • Look for hints for when your pet needs to go out: pacing or walking in circles (i.e. first thing in the morning or after eating).
  • Establish a consistent feeding and walking schedule to give your dog the proper cues.
  • Praise your dog after he eliminates outside.  Let him think he’s hit the lottery!
  • Use a carpet cleaner like Resolve® to thoroughly clean areas where your pet has had accidents.  Resolve® eliminates the odor so your pet is not attracted to go back to the scene of the crime.


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