Simple Solutions For A Stress Free Holiday Season

It’s official! The Holiday Season has arrived.

Staying organized and on top of a Holiday to-do list is never an easy task for the busy Latina.  There are gifts to buy, party’s to plan and work and family responsibilities to stay on top of. Just thinking about the added stress and demands the Holiday Season ushers in can be exhausting. So Casa Latin has turned to professional organizer Barbara Reich for some easy-to-implement tips that will help you cut back on the chaos and enjoy the festivities this year.


Barbara Reich’s Seasonal Survival Tips:

Buy In Bulk

Buy gifts you love in bulk and give them to as many people on your list as    possible. Gift cards are your best bet. 

Keep It Simple

Have hostess gifts on hand and keep it simple.  It’s okay to bring a bottle of wine or to buy a dessert instead of cooking or baking. 

Get Organized

Take inventory of your holiday decorations before and after the holiday.  Before the holiday, you can assess whether you need to buy anything new.  At the end of the holiday, you can get rid of anything broken or soiled.

Be Consistent

Keep a spreadsheet of all of the holiday tips you give. You may not remember how much you tipped your mail carrier last year, but he or she will. 

Have An Escape Plan

If you have a social commitment that you’re dreading, be targeted about how you spend your time when you get there. Arrive early and spend a few minutes one on one with the host. Put in your face time, do the necessary networking, and be on your way.

Post Holiday Purge

Don’t feel obligated to save your friends’ holiday cards because of their children’s pictures.  Let’s face it; you probably don’t have your own children’s photos perfectly organized; why would you add pictures of someone else’s kids to the mix?

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