5 Living Room Refurbishment Ideas1

5 Living Room Refurbishment Ideas

When a person is looking to refurbish their living room they may not know where to begin. Don’t worry, there are many ways to refresh the look of a room, and with a little effort you can make a big difference in your home. It will be pleasing to...


How-To Create A Home From A Space

In this day in age, I still run across clients who tell me that no matter how well designed an apartment is, it can never really feel like a home. To these clients the definition of a home is an actual house. But to many others a home is not defined...


The Magic of Jokulsarlon – Glacier Lagoon

This story is part of our continuing series on the Magic of Iceland. Turquoise-colored icebergs. Long stretches of black sand beach. Amphibious boats navigating the crowded waters of a lagoon that cozies up to Breidamerkurjokull, a tongue of the...


Shop Your Way to an Organized Closet

If you often find yourself standing in front of a closet bursting with clothes but can’t find anything to wear, it may be time for a makeover – not only for your wardrobe, but for your closet, too. A recent survey of 1,000 women conducted by...