Quick and Affordable Ways to Re-vamp for Summer

Summer is in full swing but it’s never too late for a quick middle of the season makeover to spice things up.   

In a time when people aren’t splurging on home décor, there are several different ways to cut corners.  By jazzing up your space with small decorations or using slipcovers to spruce up your furniture; hosts can give their space an elegant look without the high prices.      

Follow the easy tips below to throw a fabulous summer party for less:  

Save money by using inexpensive placement and napkin sets for the table. 


Verona Placement and Napkin Sets available at SureFit.com

If guests get watermelon juice all over these, you won’t be too upset if you have to toss them.   

Bring the Beach Home


  Shells make great collectables from your beach trip, but also make easy decorations for your next outdoor party. Use shells as a nametag holder or string up next to your twinkle lights for a seasonal update.   

Bring colors that remind you of the ocean inside your home


Turquoise Stretch Stone Slipcovers at SureFit.com

 Use a slip cover to keep the cost down and easily transition between seasons.   

Use candles for lighting


 Candles provide a more intimate vibe for guests, help keep annoying mosquitoes away and will help cut down on your electric bill.   

Buying a whole new lamp is not necessary for a whole new look


Simply tie the whole room together by replacing an old lamp shade, with a new hip and trendy piece.

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