Princess Tea Party Table Segment

Original Table and Chair Set

When I first saw this quaint and lovely child-size table and chairs set (at left), I was inspired to transform it into the beautifully embellished Princess Tea Party Table set (below left). The new set will bring a little French sophistication to any little girls’ room.

After putting the set together (some assembly was required) the first thing I started working on was the table. I designed the top of the table and two of the chairs with a combination of free hand drawings and stencils.

Stencils are a great way of adding character to any surface. The ones used on this set were from Disney’s Princess Collection; they could be purchased anywhere Disney products are sold.

Embellished Princess Tea Party Table Set

When it came to the actual design, I kept it simple but dreamy. By using different colors I was able to create an edge and a center,    giving the table some definition. The soft colors are easy on the eyes and can be enjoyed in any room.

Once I was finished with the table and two of the chairs, I sprayed on a clear coat of lacquer to seal them. Always remember to seal your design after you are done because your children will play, do homework and do their arts and crafts projects on this surface. After putting so much love into to it you would not like to see your design disappear within months. When you seal the set with lacquer allow it to cue for at least 24 hours.

Top of Table

I took a different approach with the remaining two chairs. For those I made slipcovers using two different fabrics with similar colors, and I did not forget to get padding. I padded the seat as well as the back of the chairs; the padding gives it a plush look and feel.

The best way to make a slipcover is by first cutting a paper template from craft paper. Measure the paper against the back of your chair and be sure to cut out the template large enough to include a seam allowance.

Once the fabric has been cut make sure to use a zigzag stitch to keep your fabric from fraying; this prevents the edges from unraveling and gives it a finished edge.

Stenciled Chair

When stitching the backrest of the chair, think of it as making a pillow case. Once you’ve sewn all the way around the three sides (excluding the finished bottom edge), you can turn the slipcover inside-out to reveal the finished cover.

As for the seat, make sure to measure the dimensions of the chair seat. Determine what length you want the skirt to be. Combine the seat dimensions, the skirt length and the pleat insert ( 6”) to determine the finished size.

Cut the fabric to size and remember to add a seam allowance to the edge. Arrange the fabric on the chair seat and pin pieces to each other, keep in mind the pleating at the corners.

Finally, attach the skirt to the seat and the seat to the backing to complete the slipcover.

Chair With New Slipcover

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