Pretty and Pragmatic Party Favors

When and where did the idea begin of giving party guests a usually useless little gift? You know what I mean, the little party favors people promptly throw away when they get home, or when they do their next round of cleaning? It may sound harsh, but it is usually true. Although I am not against the idea of party favors, per se, I just think that it makes sense to be a bit more practical when deciding what to give your guests.
Growing up I remember going to parties and receiving candy covered almonds in netting or in some sort of plastic chachka. Since then I have received all sorts of little decorations: a mini-teapot, CD’s of the couple’s favorite song and heart-shaped chocolate lollipops to name a few. I was always grateful. Deep down though, I knew where these little gifts were likely to end up, with the exception of the chocolate lollipops of course. Those tasty treats never made it home. This is why I was impressed with the party favor idea I saw on the innovative Latina-themed wedding site, Para Ti Novia.
They suggest we green our party favors:
Looking for a cute unexpected idea to give to your guests at your wedding.…why not get your girls together and provide cactus favors.

Images by Sara Yates

Image by Sara Yates

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