Practically Professional Pumpkin Carving In 3 Easy Steps

Looking to impress your Halloween visitors with festive pumpkins this Halloween?  These pumpkin carving tips from Chef’sChoice® are sure to make your job easier. Before starting to carve, pick the pumpkin of your choice keeping in mind that the larger the pumpkin and the smoother the surface the easier it will be to carve.  Pick a ripe pumpkin without bruises or nicks for best results.  

Step One

Choose your carving tools—our favorites are boning and paring knives. (A nail or ice pick comes in handy for poking through the surface for detailed work and scoring). Make sure your carving knives are sharp.  Sharp knives are not only safer, but they’re easier to use and will help you cut smoothly through your pumpkin. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert to put a razor sharp edge on your knife. A sharpener such as the Chef’sChoice® EdgeSelect™ Model 120 can make sharpening easy.

 Step Two

Now that you’ve sharpened your knives, you’re ready to carve. Spread newspaper over your work area to avoid a mess. Next, determine which side of the pumpkin you’ll be carving. With the boning knife, cut a large enough circle around the stem to be able to reach inside the pumpkin. Lift the lid off and set it aside. Remove the pulp and seeds from the inside of the pumpkin and wipe down the outside to remove all debris.

Step Three

Go to ChefsChoice to download the above pumpkin carving pattern or create your own.  Choose your design and size it to pumpkin.  Tape pattern on area you want to carve. Use metal nail or ice pick to trace design onto pumpkin through the pattern. Once you’ve scored the design, use the boning and paring knives to complete the job. Enjoy your pumpkin and have a happy and safe Halloween.

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