Plastic Couch Covers, or Not

Does your mother or grandmother still have a plastic covering on her living room furniture?  When I was growing up it was common for Hispanic families – regardless of country of origin – to cover the couch and loveseat in plastic to protect it.  To be honest, it was common for other ethnicities to do this, but for this survey’s purpose we are only talking Latino or Hispanic families. 

I remember as a child, and yes, a young adult, the plastic sticking to my skin in the summer and creating a pool of perspiration where I sat.  I don’t remember how we cleaned it except for spraying something on the plastic and viola, it was good to go.  We’re not talking comfort here, we’re talking protecting the furniture, which was my mother’s main concern.  As time marched on, however, even a Latina mother could take only so much nagging from her daughter about the plastic.  About X number of years ago – too many to count – my mother grudgingly conceded to my increasingly adamant demands. After I proudly unzipped the plastic, I launched our family into what I believed was a contemporary lifestyle: a plastic-free couch zone.

Since then, I have visited Latino/Hispanic families that still have plastic on the furniture. No judgments here, but I am curious.

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