Month-To-Month Home Organization Calendar – Part 2

In last week’s Fox News Latino article I mapped out the first six months of my ‘one-weekend-a-month’ home organization plan. The thought of organizing an entire house can seem daunting.  However my plan is very manageable. It will help you get – and stay – on a schedule. 

This week’s article offers the next six months worth of projects and a tip on how-to develop one very simple habit that will help you stay organized for life.  After spending one weekend every month in 2012 on a home organization project you want to make sure you stay organized, don’t you?  Take a look:

I firmly believe that an organized home is a happy home. And life is more enjoyable if you don’t have to search for things in over stuffed closets and cabinets or in a cluttered basement. But, as I said in part-one, organizing your home can seem like a daunting task if you don’t approach it in a manageable way. That’s why I created my 2012 ‘one-weekend-a-month’ plan. It’s a simple step-by-step guide that will help you get your home in order. And now that you are ready for the next six month’s worth of projects it’s time to develop one simple habit that will help you stay organized for life. This is to train yourself to put things where they belong as soon as they leave your hands. This may sound simple but it’s not an easy thing to do on a regular basis. However, I assure you that with a little effort it will eventually become a habit that will help you stay organized for life.

Now let’s get to your July through December schedule!

July – What’s Living Under Your Bed? 

Though you may not think of it this way, the space under your bed is precious real estate and it is often underutilized.

This weekend you’ll be spending time under and around your bed instead of on top of it. Ditto for the kid’s beds. If this space is already being used for storage pull everything out. Take a good look at your stuff and ask yourself, “how long it has it been there”? Be honest. If it’s been sitting there for three to four years you may not need it.  If you no longer need it, donate it or trash it. Then, if you’re not afraid of heights, lift your bed a few inches. Bed extensions can be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond and the extra inches will allow you additional storage space, especially if you live in a small apartment.

Once the space has been cleared and mopped, ask yourself what kind of storage you are lacking. There are a variety of different storage bins available that accommodate many different types of items. My favorites are the bins that are designed with lids and wheels which make them easier to pull in and out. Remember it’s not that bright underneath the bed so try to get clear containers and label them with big, neat letters. 

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