Mini Home Make-Over For A Child Friendly Home

As a new padres, there are a lot of things you need to consider when niño-proofing your home. Only when all corners are be padded and almost anything with a hinge is locked can you consider considering your home a child-friendly fort. Yet, as your niños thrive, your home suffers: the furniture gets stained, the floors turn into battlefields, and your home becomes one big toy box.

This year, reclaim the space that once resembled your home. Our friends at Sure Fit Slipcovers offer overworked moms a few quick tips for taking back your home.

Mini Home Make-Over

You’ve scrubbed and scrubbed your sofa to remove the paint stains from your toddlers newest masterpiece until you were red in the face, but you still can’t justify buying a whole new couch. One of the quickest ways to make a dramatic update to your home is by revamping your furniture. Sure Fit Slipcovers and Home Solutions carry a wide variety of colors and styles that are sure to update any room for the season. Try the Holden Collection in Sage to lighten up your living room.

Carpet Clean-Up

After a full year with children, your carpets truly pay the price. After a spring full of muddy footprints, a summer full of sticky snacks, a fall full of Halloween candy stuck in your carpet, and a winter full of snowmen sized water stains, your carpets are left pleading for a good cleaning. With just one simple phone call, you can have your carpets shampooed and looking brand new before the kids are even home from school.

Lighten Up With Candles

Battery operated candles are a cost efficient, safe and simple way to rid your home of the smelly trails that are sometimes left behind. Choose rich, seasonal scents that will make your home feel warm, inviting, and relaxing.

Designate Your Space

The kids have a playroom, and yet they still manage to take over your living room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, etc… It’s about time you designate a space that is your own. Whether it’s arranging a cozy reading corner, or giving your bathroom a spa-worthy makeover, it is important to have somewhere peaceful to call your own.

Small Changes Can Make a Difference

Adding a small touch such as throw pillows is an easy and cost effective way to liven up a piece of furniture even if it’s registered alot of mileage!

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