Men….. Men….. Men…..

I have MEN on my brain today, but get your mind out of the gutter, my thoughts are of how unique these creatures really are. The following pictures demonstrate how I sometimes feel about them.



Organized slacks can be

such a turn on,

instead most

are tossed on the

floor for the

fairy god mother

to pick up








shoe two


This would be the only time that I would allow myself to lower my eyes in the presence of a man, what a sexy pair of shoes









sexy icebox


Sexy cooler!!!!!

This time I won’t mind having it sit in the back seat of my truck for a few extra days, like usual….









This is our fantasy not theirs……….













cause for divorce chair






First I would file for divorce, second I would fight tooth and nail to keep it, and third I would  burn it during my divorce party








bike storage





If this were a solution

I would integrate this

into all of my designs






leather boxing bag





Marriages would last

longer if every

household had one of

these in their basement




man purse





If men were allowed to

carry a six pack all day

long, the purse would

not be an issue




5a5bb0b852155c7b037f7bad6509f259The only room in  the house that would never need up-keep or cleaning


bfest lunch and dinner







& Dinner










red card




The car that is also the Trophy Wife


















 We ladies would never admit

to such thoughts, but we

most definitely visit the 

gutter a few times a day.











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