Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to my beautiful cousin and I cannot accept it.
My heart is heavy and broken. I have a lump in my throat, and my stomach is in
knots. To think I just heard her voice a few days ago. I do not want to
speak out in anger, but that is what I am angry, sad, and broken. I do not
understand why the greatest of people are taken from us. This is something
I will probably never understand. But, until then I love you Tania  and I
promise you will be remembered and honored. I cannot promise to stop
crying and I cannot promise to control my anger. I cannot promise that I won't
be sad and I cannot promise to stop questioning why this happened to you.
But, I promise to be strong, to be wise and to make sure I spread knowledge
to those who need it. Prima, I love you, y se que vas hacer la más  bella
Angel en el cielo.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, recognized in February, attempts to
bring to light a problem that is more common than some may realize.
The signs of an abusive relationship are often subtle and develop over
time, plus young people often think potentially abusive activities — such
as name calling or teasing — are “normal” in a relationship, according to
the CDC. These dating habits can persist into adulthood, with approximately
one in five adult victims of abuse and domestic violence having first
experienced abuse between the ages of 11 and 17. If you or anyone you know
is dealing with domestic violence please speak out. We are here to help.
#loveshouldnthurt #awareness
Dira Monroe  (C)

Image provided by It's Time To Talk Day.

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