Lifestyling With Maria Gabriela Brito

Casa Latina is proud to introduce the addition of Luxury Lifestyle Consultant Maria Brito as a guest contributor!  With an insider’s knowledge and access to fashion, interior décor, wine and art, Maria Gabriela Brito has made it her mission to help create a lifestyle for her clients that is more luxurious, but simpler, easier, and most of all, attainable.   Here Maria offers Casa Latina fans useful, practical decorating tips for those who want to create a fresh new look in their home without breaking the bank:


It’s not always about redecorating your space, which can be so much work and so much money, but about shifting things around, putting away accessories that are over for you (for the moment), but are worth saving for the next redo! In my own home, for example, I have learned that I don’t need to display everything that I have (thank God for storage space!) and that buying a few new pieces and changing some pillows or adding a throw in a different color can create a fun and energetic vibe. That’s also why I like accessories and small side tables, because they are easy to move around and can add extra warmth plus added surface for a drink. Or a few coffee table books that cost so little (if you don’t already have them) and become an interesting conversation piece or focal point. I have a couple of quick ideas that I’d like to share. If you take action and use one or two of the tips that I mention below, you’ll get a refreshed space in no time!

Lifestyling by Maria Gabriele Brito offers personalized attention for men and women, helping New Yorkers and visitors to the city alike, live a richer, more luxurious life.  In the areas of wine, fashion, interior décor and art, Maria can help you find what you need, plan an event, take you shopping and gallery-hopping, or arrange a wine tasting.  If you don’t have time, not sure where to look, or just need some advice from an expert, Maria Gabriela Brito is you perfect source.  For more information visit

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