Introducing the Fashion-Forward Living Room

Home furnishings often take their cue from the fashion world, and one of the biggest trends right now is soothing tones like gray and brown. This month, IKEA presents products and tips for bringing the comforting warmth of these sophisticated colors into the living room.

Tips for bringing a gray/brown living room to life:

First, determine if the gray/brown palette will be expressed through larger pieces of furniture, or through accessories. There are advantages to each. Using browns and grays in furnishings like sofas or chairs provides the option to change the look and color scheme of the room easily with textiles and accessories. If the larger furniture pieces are bolder in design and color, use the opposite tactic. Use these pieces as the accent color or pattern of the room and introduce brown and gray with the textiles and smaller furnishings.

many shades of gray

A fun aspect of working with neutral colors is exploring the many beautiful variations within a particular hue. Experiment with placing very dark and very light versions of the same color together for more contrast. Consider patterns that combine varying shades of gray and brown tones. A single contrasting accent color can add an interesting variation to the overall plan.

gray and brown…but not boring

One trick when working with grays and browns is to use a variety of textures to keep the overall look fresh and exciting. Look for accessories like nubby fabric throws and area rugs, shiny glass accents and silky, smooth pillows.

baby steps

If an overall gray/brown color scheme seems too much of a good thing, start small. Introduce the color in limited doses through lampshades, throw rugs and curtains. This is a great way to work elements of these fashion-forward colors into a room plan without completely committing.

drama queen

Grays and browns don’t have to be shy and retiring when they have the right partners! Try bright white on moldings and doorways for a beautiful contrast when grays and browns are the predominant wall color. Or use intense black accents on a leather sofa or a shiny black coffee table for extra pizzazz.

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