Interior Design: A Matter Of Perspective

Unless it is an antique, when people look at old furniture they often think junk. When I look at an old piece of furniture I think possibility. That is with the exception of old china cabinets. I have never been a fan of the old style china cabinet. They were often big and bulky and they just didn’t do anything for my designer’s sense of style. That changed though when my friend Anna proved that you could take even the biggest, bulkiest and most unattractive china cabinet and completely transform it. Take a look at my Fox News Latino article for a before-and-after transformation of an old ugly china cabinet to a beautiful modern interpretation.

Old and Ugly to Beautiful and Modern

By Marlene Pratt, Published June 02, 2012, Fox News Latino

As a child, I spent more time at abuela’s house than I did at mine. Juliana, as she liked to be called, was a very handy woman for her time. At a very young age I realized that my abuelita was different from other grandmothers. She spent as much time in the kitchen as she did directing her construction crew. Looking back, I do not ever remember there not being some construction going on. Aside from her obsession with adding square footage to her home, she was also on a mission to rearrange and buy furniture.

She had great taste. Every piece of furniture made a statement, except for the outrageous china display that stood in her dining room housing dusty plates that no one ever touched. The china display never made sense to me, but it was a piece of furniture that every one of my friends either had at their house, or at their abuelas.

Until recently, I shuddered at the thought of even being in the same room as one. But my girlfriend Anna Dwyer made me change my mind.

I remember that first conversation as if it were yesterday. She was so excited about acquiring and redoing a 1970s china display. I listened carefully and for the first time in our relationship I made sure to think before I spoke. But deep down inside I was dying, what was she thinking?

I am ashamed to admit that for a person who considers herself to be so open-minded about design ideas, I was not at that moment. However, I now have new found respect for china cabinets, or at least for what they can become.

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