A Brownstone Dream In Harlem

We all have our own vision of the perfect Dream Home.  For some it is size and amenities – five bedroom, 51/2 baths with a screening room and heated pool. For others it’s all about location, location, location; a house on the beach or one perched on a mountainside with breathtaking views. My dream home? Part location, part structure. A NYC Brownstone. I feel such a sense of charm, warmth and history emanating from these historical homes.   

I grew up in a middle class split level suburban home with a big back yard. My parents sacrificed greatly so my brothers and I could live in a leafy suburb with a good school district. My father and brother still live there. I still have high school friends there.  It’s less expensive to live there than in NY. Yet the siren call of the city that lured me away keeps me here.

mom and dad

My Parents In Their NJ Dream Home

sm 91st street 1

West 91 Street Apartment

Inwood Apartment

Inwood Apartment

Moving to NYC for a more cosmopolitan lifestyle was a dream come true. For the first few years my husband George and I lived in a shoebox size one bedroom apartment in a townhouse on the Upper West Side. It had no washing machine, dishwasher or amenities of any kind. But it was half a block from Riverside Park and close to the subway. It was a dream come true. Happy times. Then a common NYC nightmare. A new owner and rent hikes.  

George was ready to go back to New Jersey or even give Queens a try but I was adamant. We had to stay in NYC. Manhattan to be precise. So off to Inwood we went. And into another tiny space. Yet this time we were further away from neighborhood amenities like cool restaurants and bars or decent supermarkets. We were still in the City though. Victory!

Within the year I started to dreamed about more space and a more central location.  I put my intentions out to the universe and by year two of living in our little Inwood hovel we were selected by lottery for the opportunity to buy a two bedroom one and a half bath condo in a newly renovated building in West Harlem.

Morningside Court

Home Sweet Home

It was truly winning like the jackpot! More space, a gentrifying neighborhood, a shared courtyard where we could grill and park views. What more could we ask for?  

A brownstone that’s what. While I am still extraordinarily grateful for the good fortune of having had the opportunity of purchasing this place, at a discount no less. But it is now time to dream big again. This time my BIG is a NYC Brownstone with original features, a working fireplace or two, a backyard and plenty of natural light!

Dream Brownstone

My Dream Brownstone!

How long will it take this intention to manifest? Not long I hope. In the meantime, I will do what I did to make my Harlem condo dream come true; visualize, put it out to the universe, pray and HUSTLE! All of this combined with a dash of luck should do it.

I have no doubt I will get there.

Now that you know my dream home I would love to know yours. What would it look like if you could have any type of home and live wherever you wanted?

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