A Brownstone Dream In Harlem

We all have our own vision of the perfect Dream Home.  For some it is size and amenities – five bedroom, 51/2 baths with a screening room and heated pool. For others it’s all about location, location, location; a house on the beach or one...


My Take On 24 Problems Only Latinas Understand!

Growing up a bilingual Latina in a predominantly white Northern, NJ suburb before it was “Cool” to be Latina presented its challenges.  As an adult, I learned that my experience as the daughter of Latino immigrants was not unique. Translating...

Zach, Alyssa, Lulu & Liam - cropped

A Traditional Noche Buena Dinner With A Twist

You know you are getting a little older when you start a story with, “When I was growing up”…..  as a way to criticize something that annoys you in the here and now.  But here goes anyway! When I was growing up you ate what was served...

Witch Pumkin

Crafty & Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Get Ready for Halloween! Ghost and goblin, pumpkins, costumes and candy! What’s not to like about Halloween?  Kid’s can let their imagination run wild becoming anything from a superhero to a gremlin. And adults can become kids again. It’s...