How-To Optimize The Space In Your Spare Room

Do you have a spare room in your home, or are your niños grown and leaving the nest soon?  Well that spare room doesn’t have to become another guest bedroom. Depending on your interests and hobbies, there are a variety of creative ways you can optimize the space to suit your needs, and making the small improvements necessary may prove to be an asset in your home:

Game Room

The classic game room idea doesn’t have to be cheesy or tacky. Create a game room where everyone in the family will want to hang out. Set a billiards or ping-pong table in the middle of the room surrounded by open shelving used to organize and display board games and activities. Hand-me-down or second-hand couches are great to place in the corners where you can play games or sit and read a magazine.


Even if you use a Kindle or any other tablet for more convenient reading pleasure, true book lovers have a difficult time getting rid of their classic bound books and reading materials. Books collected throughout the years can take up a lot of space in our homes or get damaged in storage. Turn your spare room into a home library to display you collection of books, magazines, records, graphic novels or other treasures.

Media Room

Save your living room from the monstrous television, mountains of DVDs and comfortable-yet-clunky furniture that has taken over. Turning your spare space into a media room means you can decorate your living room however you want while having a separate room for functionality and fun.

If you really want to go the extra mile, install blackout roller shades, a surround-sound system and movie-theater-style seating to create the ultimate media-room experience.

Hobby Room

If you have a creative hobby such as crafting or artwork, it can be a challenge to find a proper work space in your home. Supplies can get cluttered and projects can be abandoned. With a hobby room, you can perfectly organize all of your materials and have them on hand when you have time to work on a project or whenever you get inspired.

Display Room

If you are a collector, have awards to admire or want to proudly display elements of your family’s history, a spare room can be used to display cherished items. Like your own private museum, a display room is a great way to safely store your priceless items and heirlooms. Set up a desk or a few eclectic chairs for days you just want to get away and remember.

Home Office

Whether you work from home or just take work home every once in a while, having a home office can be a useful tool. This room can help you organize bills and keep track of tasks without leaving the kitchen table a mess. Moms can use an office to keep schedules and to-do lists. Kids can even benefit from this space if they need a quiet and distraction-free place to do their homework.


Yes, imagine a closet the size on an entire room. This is especially ideal if your spare room is a little smaller. Install bars, racks and shelving to hang clothes, and consider a set of dressers of cube unit to store shoes and accessories. You can add a full-length mirror, and, if your budget permits, a front-loading washer and dryer.

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