How-To Make Mother’s Day Super Special

Mother’s Day is one of the most special days of the year.  It provides us the opportunity to express our appreciation in ways we don’t normally do.  Life is busy and we assume that the mothers in our lives – our mamá, abuelitas, tias, epsosas – know how we feel. And of course they do, but Mother’s Day provides a special opportunity to take the time to say the words, “Mamá gracias. Te quiero tanto.” It also provides the opportunity to buy your Mamá something special, something that will bring a tear of joy to her eye.

Many of us have already gone out and bought a gift we believe she will like, but sometimes adding a personal touch makes a world of difference.  There is still time to make this Mother’s Day super special by assessing which type of mother you have and adding that personal touch to you celebration.

Here are four types of Mothers and ideas on how-to make the day special for her.

The Sentimental Mother:

Create a scrapbook to display photos of family memories in one place, and ask each member of the family to contribute a note about their favorite memory.

The To-Do List Mother:

For the mother with an endless list of projects, tackle items on her “to-do” list throughout the day, such as cleaning the house, washing her car, or just taking care of the piled-up laundry.

The Career Mother:

Whisk your mother away to her own spa retreat at home – complete with candles, bubble bath, lotions, and a new robe – so she can finally have time to unwind.

Lastly – The Long-Distance Mother:

I’ve experienced this before and it is never fun to be away from family on holidays – especially when it’s the most important woman in the world on Mother’s Day.  But when it’s not possible to be together, a gift of cash sent through a MoneyGram money transfer will guarantee your mother is able to get exactly what she wants.


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