How-To Keep Your Family’s Historia Alive

While news stories make it seem like the entire country is obsessed with finding the best Black Friday deals, many of us would rather spend this day doing almost anything other than fighting the crowds at the mall. 

 A productive and inexpensive alternative to Black Friday is to observe the National Day of Listening, celebrated this year on November 26.  StoryCorps Historias is an initiative to record and preserve the diverse stories and life experiences of Latinos in the United States with over 1,000 interviews recorded in the past year.

 To be a part of this initiative, simply take an hour to record an interview with a loved one, using recording equipment readily available in your homes—such as your computers, iPhone, tape recorder, or pen and paper—along with StoryCorps’ free Do-It-Yourself Instruction Guide.

The National Day of Listening is a great time for friends and families to slow down and connect during the busy holiday season.  

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