How-To Create A Home From A Space

In this day in age, I still run across clients who tell me that no matter how well designed an apartment is, it can never really feel like a home. To these clients the definition of a home is an actual house. But to many others a home is not defined by a structure that is divided into multiple rooms surrounded by a front and backyard.

To those like me, a home is where the heart is. And yes, I know this sounds like a cliché. However I believe a home can be created from a cave within a mountain, an old uninhibited chocolate warehouse or even a mechanics garage.  A home is where you are at peace and where you are yourself because you are surrounded by what you love.

Converted Firehouse With Original Fireman’s Pole

Jennifer Agus is the creative energy behind Agus Interiors. In the four pictures that follow you can see how her appreciation and understanding for residential design can make the urban dweller forget about city life. That is of course, until they look out their window and remember that they are many floors above ground.

Jennifer Agus Shares Tips on Creating a Light, Airy, Ethereal Space in Any Home!

Number One

Choose a wall and use venetian plaster over the solid color and create a cloud-like design on only one wall.

Number Two

Small rooms can appear bigger by having glass vertical windows to let light shine.

Number Three

Use pastel fabrics on your drapes and don’t be afraid to mix colors and add a pop with some patterned picks.

Number Three

Elongated bookshelves like this one give an appearance of a wider never-ending space. Think horizontally in terms of furniture.

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