How to Add Style To Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Many of us are deep into Thanksgiving preparation; shopping lists, calls to family and friends to organize who is bringing what and finalizing our table décor.  Some of us like to set an elaborate table and others find this element of the celebration a drag.  Adding a little style does not have to take up a tremendous amount of time, money and energy.

How to Add Style To Your Thanksgiving Celebration

By    Published November 17, 2012   Casa Latina


For many families in the Northeast Thanksgiving Day 2012 may not be an easy holiday to prepare for. With Hurricane Sandy and then the Nor’easter, many families have more important things on their mind than searching for Thanksgiving decorations.

Nevertheless, many will still want to grace their table with a festive centerpiece to celebrate the holiday.  This year the goal is to keep the centerpiece simple and inexpensive, but pretty. Start by searching for glass vases in your home. Look under the sink cabinet, in the closet and in the garage. I am certain that you will find many assortments of widths and heights. The best vases for this project are the ones with wide mouths.

Start by selecting four or five pieces. If your table is longer then add a few more. After you wash (use detergent )and dry the vases, consider adding autumn colored fruits, vegetables, nuts and even leaves, figs or pine cones. These are things that you may already have in the house or things that may be lying out in the front yard. NOTE: Anything that you bring in from the yard should be washed before being placed on the table!

Fill each individual container with the same fruits, veggies or pine cones, etc. and for contrast, the more colorful the better. I promise that this center piece will take very little time and money to arrange and it will add to the joy of the celebration.


Oversize Arrangements

Still keeping it simple, the second tip involves a tall clear glass vase with either an assortment of faux twigs or actual twigs that have been snipped from a few trees in the backyard.

The taller and the wider the vase, the more dramatic the outcome will be. Bring the outdoors in and arrange a group of twigs freshly cut from the garden that you love. If you have no real love for the trees and plants that surround your home, pay Michael’s (or another craft store) a visit and pick a handful of twigs from their vivid palette of reds and gold.  If available, try to select the stems of different lengths. When placing the stems bear in mind to arrange and cut them according to desired height.
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