Home Entryway Safety Tips

Break-ins occur even in the safest neighborhoods.  To reduce the risk that you home could become a target, here a few tips from expert Mike Holmes’ HOLMES: The Magazine to Make it Right:

Front Door

Add a sturdy front door or just install tamper-resistant locks and brighter lights to discourage intruders.


These should be bright enough to provide enough lights to scare away intruders, as well as illuminate the keyhole. Using a pair of 120-volt sconces on either side of the door (mounted along its upper third section) minimizes the glare that often comes with overhead exterior lights. Opt for a light that is UL or c-UL listed for wet conditions

Multi-Point Locking Doors

Instead of relying on just one lock, consider a locking system that secures at three spots of the door. When you engage the deadbolt, two latches also lock at the top and bottom. Not only does this provide added security, it also transfers the load across the entire door instead of at the single deadbolt, which means a stronger door and a safer home.

Mortise Locks

Commonly found on older homes and in higher-end residential areas across North America, mortise locks provide added protection with sturdier bolds and a heavy-duty locking mechanism. You’ll want to hire an experienced locksmith to install one, as they need to be recessed into a pocket (or mortise) in the side of the door. Though pricier than tubular models, they have an emergency exit feature that allows the door to open without needing to be manually unlocked from the inside in order to exit quickly. Installed with a high-quality security door (wood or steel), these locks provide superior strength.


Look for a sturdy, well built box with a lock so that personal information, such as bank statements and utility bills, aren’t taken by those looking to steal your identity.

 No More Keys

Although they sound futuristic, high-tech biometric devices, which utilize fingerprint recognition, are now on the market and can help to keep your home secure.  Another option – keypads programmed to open with a chosen code.

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