Holiday Tidy-ings: How-To Simplify Celebrations This Season

Noche Buena, Año Nuevo, fiestas, fiestas, fiestas! With the holiday season upon us, your Casa Latina is set to be fun central for the next few weeks. But, with the merriment and extended family celebrations come messes. Whether you’ve got la familia, friends or co-workers visiting, your holiday festivities are sure to involve cookie crumbs, spilled glitter and scattered tinsel along with tracked in snow and slush (in some parts of the country).

So embrace the holiday season and all the fun it has to offer with these tips for keeping the house in tip-top shape without breaking the bank.

Quick Kitchen Clean Up 

From sprinkles for adorning holiday cookies to diced tomatoes that slip out of the salsa bowl, keep a hand vac in the kitchen to tackle those unexpected spills that are sure to happen twice as often during the holidays.

Clear Coat Clutter

Before you host a holiday party clear out your coat closet to make room for guests. Decide what you actually wear then donate the rest to your local coat drive or charity.

Plan Ahead 

As you plan for your party or holiday dinner, write down things that your guests can help prepare when they arrive. These might include taking coats, opening wine bottles, keeping nut dishes filled and arranging fruit, vegetable or cheese platters. So, when guests ask to help, it’s easy to refer them to the list.

Handy Dandy Tool Kit 

Before you begin dusting and spraying, put all your cleaning supplies into a basket and carry it with you while you clean. Having everything with you will help make you more efficient.

Pet Hair Emergency

The guests are about to arrive and suddenly you realize that your pet has picked an in-opportune time to hop on the couch. Tidy up with the new Dirt Devil Vision Dual Cyclonic-Pet Vacuum. Made with pet lovers in mind, it comes with electrostatic tools that pull up pet hair up and a carbon filter to help absorb odors from your furry friends for under $100.

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