Green Trend Roundup For Your Closet and Your Home

Black has always been the safest color in the fashion industry. Why? Because people feel they look thinner, more elegant and smarter in it.  It’s a ‘take me seriously’ color.  But every year a new ‘it’ color emerges.  A few years ago I remember brown being the ‘it’ colors. The UPS drivers felt very fashionable that year I’m sure. 

This year the fashionistas are going green, not just one shade of green but the whole palette. Shades of emerald, jade, olive and lime can all be worn at the same time.  Pantone, a worldwide authority on color trends, has also named green as a top tone for Fall/Winter. While not everyone is comfortable wearing the color, green is often used in decorating for its calming effects, and is thought to relieve stress and help heal.

If you’re somewhat afraid of going green at home, start small by incorporating 4 or 5 pillows in different shades and place them in the most neutral colored room in your home.  Live with them for a few days and you’ll come to the realization that you are not as afraid of the color as you thought you were. 

I’ll bet that once you are comfortable with them you will start adding other green accents in your home and come to love this color as much as I do.

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