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Well, technically we are taking the kids, but it’s my first time as well, so I am super excited. There is so much to look forward to. There are tea parties with a princess. Mouse ears, teacups you can ride in, dancing with Goofy, plus lots of fun things for the kids to do as well…. As we are preparing to set off on our Thanksgiving adventure I figured why not share some pointers on getting ready for a vacay with the familia. I am not at all a light packer. With it being 2 kids, my hubby and I, and 1 pup (the other two will be having a staycation) there is a lot on my plate right on. I have to plan, arrange dog care, mail pickup, get the kids’ work for any missed days (it’s only 3 don’t judge me its Disney World), make sure I have taken care of my work as well, and overall last minute knick knacks. So without further ado, let me share my pointers on what my husband thinks I really suck at. Packing.

Getting reading for a vacation, it’s so easy to overlook, over pack, or lose things, Simplify by creating your very own *pack list* and update each time as you go. Then follow these steps to get ready:

#1: Count the number of vacation days and start to plan, that number of outfits in your notebook mixing and matching as you go (I do 2 outfits a day so if I’m away for 5 days that’s 10 outfits, yes I know I am horrible).

#2: Ask what everyone is looking forward to – and realize how exciting time away can be. I am looking forward to booty shorts in November (mind blowing).

#3: Use shoes you can wear w/ multiple outfits (I try this).

#4: Create a “5 Day Countdown Pack List” to be ready to go: (If you are only going to be gone 1-3 days, condense it into 3 days.)

Start Counting Down the Days to Get Organized:

5 days before: Cover mail pickup, pet arrangements and plant care.

4 days before: Clear your desk and wrap up all paper and emails. Put airline tickets/ directions in a special folder to take along and find easily on your trip.

3 days before: Finish the laundry and pack the essentials today.

2 days before: Empty the fridge and get trip snacks ready.

1 day before: Close down email, pack your suitcase, (I start a week in advance) and get a good night’s sleep.

Bonus Steps: Treat yourself to a pedicure and a new magazine the week before so you can wiggle your toes in the sand and relax. Be sure to leave anything behind that stresses you. Pack up and head out the door for a great time. Now you’re ready (I hope) I’m confident you will have a fresh perspective when you come back.

NOTE: If you happen to realize that you forgot something or needed anything while away write it down. Get a small notepad and record these things. That way on your next vacation you won’t forget (hopefully). Keep the notepad with your suitcase or travel bag to make sure you get the essentials with you.

Otherwise, make do with what you bring and shop for new things on your vacation. Enjoy! Do you have a pack list? What have you learned to save you time packing?

As always I want to hear your stories so make sure to email me, send me postcards, or photos of your vacation.

Hasta la proxima mi gente!

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