Get Organized For The New Year

It’s December.  Time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions.  A recent Google search revealed that “getting organized” inevitably falls into the “top ten” category of New Year’s resolutions. Casa Latina is proud to present  IKEA’s smart and affordable ideas for getting organized in 2011 and beyond.

Tips For An Organized Home

In The Living Room

• Don’t let technology consume the living room! Modular wall units store all the “pieces” and can be reconfigured as media equipment evolves.

• The living room has become THE multifunctional room of the home.  Products like sleep sofas with built-in storage for guest linens, and laptop tables that fold closed help create a room that keeps everything organized and at hand when needed, hidden away when not.

• Control visual clutter and help impart a sense of order and unity by using storage containers of different sizes and shapes, but in the same color.

In The Kitchen

• Freeing up counter space gives a more organized feel and makes the kitchen easier to clean. Add wall organizers that make use of overlooked wall space.

• Organize drawers from a bird’s eye view. It’s easier to look down into a drawer to find necessary items. Use drawer dividers to designate sections for each item.

• Take advantage of every available space, like under the kitchen sink, by adding slide-out garbage and recycling bins. Use behind the door storage racks for items like sponges, brushes and plastic wrap.

In The Bedroom

• Control clutter by clustering small bottles and containers on attractive trays, and maximize space with benches and ottomans that provide both seating and storage.

• Extend the life of shoes by storing them where there is sufficient air circulation to prevent damage from perspiration. Also, use shoe forms to help them maintain their proper shape.

Everywhere Else

• In the hall or entryway, try a seating area with built-in storage and hooks to keep jackets, shoes and gloves at hand for the morning rush!

• In the home office, make it a resolution to stay organized by sorting mail and recycling excess paper daily.

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