Four Ways to Keep New Year’s Resolutions Alive Throughout The Year

Many of us are on a roll with New Year’s Resolutions – we’re giving back, being more green, losing weight, excercising, geting organized. All sorts of postivie and amazing transformations are taking place. But come March, many of us have start to fall off the resolutions wagon. Our old habits start to creep back. We get a little lazy. Our good intentions strat to fade.

Rather than forfeiting promises to improve ourselves, simplifying popular resolutions with these four tips can help get us well on our way to an accomplished New Year.

Resolution One: Give Back

Tip – Everyone benefits when helping those in need.  Often the volunteer and the recipient leave feeling uplifted, which is perhaps why this resolution is so popular.  Rather than letting one’s schedule fill up to push this altruistic resolution aside, one way to follow through is to sit down and schedule volunteer activities either bi-weekly or monthly a few months in advance.  By planning ahead and adding activities to the calendar, it will be easy to make sure time is spent in 2011 giving back.

Resolution Two: Be More Green

Tip – One doesn’t have to rebuild a rainforest in order to be greener in the New Year but can make simple alterations to daily routines in order to cut down on energy and waste.  One way is to carry a porcelain or stainless-steel travel coffee mug and a reusable grocery bag.  By using these alternatives rather than disposable paper and plastic, one can easily be more environmentally-friendly all year long.

Resolution Three: Lose Weight

Tip – It’s all too common to ambitiously tackle extra holiday pounds right after the New Year and be unable to keep up with a strict diet or workout regimen after a few weeks.  While overcrowded gyms die down after January has passed, one way to stick to it in a balanced way is to vow to simply exercise 30 minutes to an hour each day with a few days off.  Whether taking a walk in the morning, going on a bike ride or attending an aerobics class, every little bit goes a long way and is more likely to last.

Resolution Four: Get More Organized

Tip – It not only reduces stress but also saves time and energy to have everything in order.  A strategic way to honor this resolution is to look for areas that were often a mess in the year past, such as desk drawers, scattered kitchen cabinets and overbooked schedules, and think of new habits or tools to streamline them.  One easy solution to stay on track of activities and appointments is by using WallPops Dry Erase Boards, Calendars and Dots.  With designs ranging from psychedelic swirls and youthful flowers to circular motifs and intricate Balinese designs, this peel-and-stick collection is offered in four formats.  All come equipped with a WallPops Dry Erase Marker.

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