Jane The Virgin



I am totally in love.

Addicted to this Latin American telenovela. I have to admit that I took advantage of the snow storm at the beginning of this week to sit and watch the first 11 shows in one sitting. Wow!!!!!  I had goosebumps running down my back, a silly smile plastered on my face from ear to ear, there was joy in my heart and I could hear my own laughter as I rewinded to listen to portions of the show over and over again.

I was watching a novela and I was watching a novela in the English language. The madness that is a novela that most non-Latino people had never experienced was being laid out for America to see.  It was a joy to see so many Latinos cast to play Latinos. So well written.

I’m not known for sitting down and watching  a novela, but growing up in a Latino household I got a glimpse of it here and there. In 2005 after giving birth to my son I unconsciously started to extend my visits to my mom’s home to get a glimpes of Mario Cimarro, en “El Cuerpo Del Deseo”. This man was/is total Eye Candy…. 90% of the novela was filmed with him not wearing a shirt. Lets just say that discussing sex in my mom’s house is no longer an issue.











Seven years later my husband and I got a kick from watching a man dressed as a woman while having dinner at my mom’s house during her newest novela…That man/that woman was  Jaime Camil, whos play Jean’s father. He’s a great looking guy as well as a great looking girl.

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Back to Jane the show, it’s funny, funny, funny.  With it’s whimsical color palette and unorthodox premise, Jane the Virgin will steal everyone’s heart.

If you have not seen the show this is what you have to look forward to:

Jean is 23 years old and she is saving herself for marriage

Jean and Micheal are engaged, but they have never had sex

Jean becomes pregnant even though she’s never had sex.

Jean is artificially inseminated with her boss’ sperm

Jane starts to fall for her boss












The rest you need to watch..Enjoy

















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