Tips On How-To Easily Transform A Room In Your Home

When people think of changing the look of a room in their home they are often overwhelmed before they even give it a go.  Updating a living room or family room doesn’t have to mean giving it a complete makeover. A few simple changes can transform a tired room into a fresh space in no time and at a modest cost.

Give Your Windows Better Treatment

  • Replace heavy draperies – which can look outdated – with a more contemporary alternative. Faux wood, honeycomb blinds, roman or vertical shades – there are a lot of options to dress up your windows. Many online companies will send you samples so you can see how the different options will look in your particular space.
  • Lighten things up with sheers. The soft folds of billowy sheers allow more light to come into the room, but still offer some privacy. Sheers in lighter colors also make the room appear larger and serve as a color-coordinated highlight at the same time.

Use Mirrors To Add Visual Interest

  • Instead of the hanging a large mirror in a traditional space, such as above a couch or fireplace, modernize by hanging several smaller mirrors. Create a grouping of mirrors with frames that have the same color, but different sizes, shapes and textures.
  • Hang a large mirror between two windows to give the illusion of having more windows in the room.

Replace An Outdated Furniture Item

  • Update your coffee table or entertainment center. These larger pieces are often the focal point of the room, so changing them out can put the entire room in a whole new light.
  • Look for items that are both functional and easy to assemble. For example, Z-Line Designs furniture includes an instructional DVD with each item, so you can easily assemble pieces that are traditionally complicated to put together. Their ready-to-assemble mounts and stands for flat panel TVs can update any room in a flash. For more information, visit

Freshen Up Accessories

  • There’s no need to re-upholster a sofa or its matching chairs. Swap the current accent pillows out for some new ones. Try a new, complementary color or add some pattern or fun texture to a solid background.
  • Switch out your centerpieces. Replace a silk flower arrangement for a tray with some pillar candles on it. Update the framed photos with new pictures and some new frames. Look around the house for some interesting pieces that can be put to new use – what can you do with a stack of interesting books or a grouping of pretty bowls?

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