Easy To Implement Closet Organization Tips

Are your closets a mess? I am sometimes surprised by how organized a home can seem until I take a look in the closet. Then its a whole other world! An unorganized closet is wasted real estate and wasted time if you have to search and/or dig your way through to find what you need.  In this Fox News Latino article I offer tips to help you get your closet life in order.

Casa Latina’s Closet Organization Tips

By , Published June 23, 2012, Fox News Latino

The closet, it’s the most valuable and most underutilized real estate in most homes. As a designer, there is something about the closet that tells me more about the homeowner than any other room in the home. Most homes are staged to express only what the homeowner wants you to know, but closets give their secrets away. I live in an apartment and that alone tells you that my space is limited. With a husband and two children in a two bedroom NYC apartment I simply cannot afford to waste space. So I’ve trained myself to utilize my space very productively.

I am amazed, and to be honest, annoyed at people who constantly complain about space. Why? Because when I walk into their homes the first thing I see are closets that are not properly utilized.  When one is seriously looking for space one must consider redoing all the closets in the home. The closet is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The contractor grade closet that most people get when they move into a new home is never going to function properly. Why? Because we all have different needs and space requirements for our assortment of stuff. I am not suggesting that everyone should have Closet Maid redo their closets, but I am suggesting that everyone should rip out that single dingy shelf and rod and do the closet over. It’s not major construction, and depending on your schedule, redoing all the closets in your home could be a two weekend project. The hardest one to install is usually the first.

Get started by taking count of how many closets you have and study them. Designate a purpose for each closet and be honest with yourself and dispose of what you do not need. The purpose of a closet is to organize what you use and store what you love. The closet is not for accumulating junk you have not seen or used in the last five to ten years. Disposing of personal belongings may be difficult so have a friend/buddy next to you for emotional support if needed.

Redo one closet at a time. Ripping them all out at once will only discourage you. Make sure to measure all your closets at the same time (measure width, depth and height). By measuring them all at once you will have a good idea of your new storage capacity before heading to The Home Depot. I know going to the Home Depot can be overwhelming but do not fear! Your friendly Home Depot associate will show you all the options available, as well as cut boards and clip wire mesh to your desired size. However, each closet does have a unique purpose so give some thought to what you need from each before you run out and buy any supplies.

The Master Bedroom closet, whether large or small, should be designed to be shared by two. If your closet has tall ceilings, smile, for the taller the closet the more you can store. If for some unexplainable reason your closet has a wall dividing side by side closets, which I have seen many times, consider removing the wall and replacing it with doors that give you better access to the space. Depending on your lifestyle, you should consider incorporating shelves, drawers and hanging space for different types of clothing such as shirts, pants, dresses and suites.

Baby’s Room closet is easy. First, consider removing the door. By removing the door I am not suggesting you to dispose of it. Instead I am suggesting you store it for future use when the child gets older. The removal of the door, or doors, will make life a bit easier for the new mom. It will also allow you to add extra footage to the room by designing the closet as part of the room when the baby is small and needs a lot of stuff. If you go this route, consider adding color to the walls of the closet as well. Please don’t leave dingy walls closet walls exposed.

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