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Hola Mi Gente! Sorry I was MIA last week, but had to take care of a few things. But, I am back todiscuss some great DIYs for my favorite time of year. I mean this is my Christmas!I get so excited and take months to prepare. I hope this article makes this October a little bit easier and a lot more fun. Halloween is our favorite time of the year, but it can be stressful, particularly for parents who don’t have enough time or money to make or buy their little one the perfect costume. But you can make a pretty awesome costume for surprisingly little money and here are a few ideas for those who prefer to DIY over buy, but still want something pretty simple.

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A yellow hat, an orange scarf, a brown sash covered in badges and some hefty hiking boots can transform any boy into everyone’s favorite Wilderness Explorer.

Windup Doll


Dress up your little cutie in his or her fanciest clothes, then add a gold-paintedcardboard cutout of a windup key and you have an adorable little windup doll.

Wonder Woman


Every little girl is wonderful, but with a blue tutu, some felt stars and a WonderWoman tee, she can actually become Wonder Woman as well. Throw in a tiara and wrist cuffs on older girls and you’ve got a full, fashionable ensemble.

Clark Kent


Similarly, for a great Superman costume for your super little guy, just get a Superman tee with a cape and then hide it under a mostly unbuttoned tee, tie and black pants. Throw on some geeky glasses and you’ve got a hero in disguise in no time.

Ace Ventura


Got a tutu, a  Hawaiian shirt and some hair gel? Then you have what you need to make an awesome Ace Ventura costume.

Monopoly Costumes


A white outfit and a simple white hat can easily be made into a prisoner costume with a little black electrical tape. Add a cardboard cutout resembling Monopoly’s famous jail space and you have a perfect costume. As for Uncle Pennybags, any boyswho have recently been a ring bearer can put their tuxedo to use again by adding amustache, a cane, a red tie and a top hat for a perfect Uncle Pennybags costume.

Bob Ross


There are tons of Bob Ross costumes out there for kids, which makes sense because he’s a great role model for them and the costume is incredibly simple-all you needis a curly wig and a fake beard or makeup to paint on a beard. This Bob Ross costume takes it to the next level with a trick or treat bag featuring a framed painting of a happy little tree.

Miss Piggy


A plastic pig nose, a headband with some basic pig ears and a fabulous fashion sense are all you need to create a delightful Miss Piggy costume that would leave certain pigs swooning.

Strong Man


This vintage-inspired costume is entirely too adorable and surprisingly simple. Just use two black balloons and a dowel to make the barbell and two plastic balls to create those bulging muscles.

Popcorn Bag


Glue some popcorn onto a beanie and some white felt and red felt strips on a baby Bjorn and your cute little one can be some delicious, buttery popcorn.



Is your little sweetie an absolute lamb? Then prove it with this simple costume courtesy of Real Simple. All it takes is white clothes, a black hat, black felt and cotton balls.



A large white shirt, a ribbon belt and light leggings or sweat pants make a great base for a Jedi costume. If you’re going for a Leia, you can either do her hair upin two buns or put on a hat with two pre-made buns, and for a Luke, add a karate jacket. Then grab some toy light sabers and you’re ready to go.



If you have paint, a cardboard box and some plastic cups, you have all you need tomake a LEGO costume-and many children will be beyond thrilled to get such a simplecostume as well.


This Real Simple tutorial shows just how simple it is to make your little critter into a fluffy duckling -all you need is a feather boa, some yellow clothes, a yellow hat and matching rain boots.



Get a black morph suit, add black accessories that look like things your kids normally wear and voila -you have your kid’s shadow.


Everyone loves a scary shark, but who knew it was so incredibly easy to make a great costume for your little critter? All it takes is some hot glue, felt and a hoodie.

If try any of these costume ideas take pictures and email me. I would love to see these or any of your Halloween ideas.  Until next time Mi Gente!

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