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One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. While, there are many articles on how to achieve this goal and maintain a healthy body, there is not a lot of attention on having a healthier mind. Here are some helpful tips from Carole Fogarty to keep in mind all year:

Train yourself to wake up gently with only invited thoughts.

Going from zero to fifty thoughts in one minute is a disturbing and unnatural way to enter your day. Start gently without letting a rush of overwhelming unnecessary, worrisome thoughts invade your sacred wake up time. Your wake up time is just between you and your inner wise voice.

Start a new wake up ritual allowing yourself to invite only gentle thoughts. Five minutes is good half an hour is better.

You may also wish to read my article adjust your yin yang time clock and bring a delightful flow back into your day. I make a practice of starting with yin energy and gradually expanding to a busy yang energy. Awakening with gentle thoughts definitely flavors your day with a sense of flow. Yeah!

Clear the busy energy around you.

I’m guessing if your thoughts are overcrowded then your home is overcrowded with lots of unnecessary stuff. If you wish to eliminate 30% unwanted scrambling thoughts then you must remove 30% unwanted things that are unloved, unwanted, don’t fit, expired, broken or unused from your personal living space. If this thought sends you into overwhelm then read my article Simple Solutions When You Just Can’t Shift Your Clutter. Included in this article is a free 2008 de-clutter calendar.

When the energy in your home feels lighter your thinking will also be lighter. When your thinking is lighter attention seeking thoughts don’t have a chance.

Empty some of your thoughts by writing them down.

Emptying your mind can lighten the load and release the mental pressure. We often keep re-thinking thoughts in fear that we might forget the important ones. I personally carry a little note book everywhere. When I’ve been inspired for an article or remembered something I need to do or want to plan something for tomorrow I’ll scribble it down. I then feel safe enough that I no longer need to keep re-inviting the same thoughts back again.

Last thing at night when you least feel like writing is actually the best time to empty your head creating the space then for a blissful nights sleep.

Correct your breath.

Sharp, short, shallow breathing keeps energy locked in your head and upper body. Long slow gentle breaths brings oxygen into your lungs, blood stream and brain relaxing the body and mind. There is physically no space for crowded thinking when you zoom into your breathing and body.

Get more relaxing tips from Carole here.

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