Creating A Beautiful Backyard Space

Spring has arrived. The flowers are blooming, the trees are budding and begging to turn green and the days are getting longer.  Now is the time to assess your backyard and develop an action plan to transform it into an outdoor entertainment space the whole family can enjoy.

Take a look at my Fox News Latino article for some easy-to-implement tips:

With the economy being what it is, more families are staying home and spending more quality time with each other than ever before. Since the thought of buying a new home is simply out of the question for many families, the next best thing is to reconsider what you already have.

Taking full advantage of the unused space in your backyard is a more affordable way of adding existing usable square footage to your home.

Spring has come a bit early this year, so let’s take advantage of Mother Nature’s generosity. Here are a few ways of sprucing up your backyard and making it an extension of your existing home.

Plan Your Vision

Sit down and draw up a plan for your backyard. What events will take place there? Do you want an area for the kids to play? Would you like to entertain? Do you have or want a pool? What about a section for your grill?

Once you have your vision sketched out you should make a list of furniture to repurpose. An old chair can be repainted; a tire can be used as a swing for the kids’ playground and other items you already own can be reinvented.


Creating a living room outside emulates the warm feeling of home. Guests will feel comfortable and it saves us from the chaos of standing bodies. If budget allows, browse the internet. offers a large selection of unbelievably great-looking outdoor furniture. Some items to consider if your budget is smaller include picnic tables, chairs and sofas. Picnic tables have a rustic and family feel and are great space savers; one table alone can sit 4 to 6 people. Sofas and pillows (made of all weather material) give a homey feel to the outdoors. It’s like you never left your living room!

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