Colored Walls!

A lot of clients have asked Casa Latina design contributor, Maria Gabriela Brito, if saturated, colored walls are “in” or “out”. Her feeling is that color on walls, as accents, or an entire room, is always stylish. While the color palette of the moment might change, walls with color always create an interesting, warm or dramatic space. Rich tones–like red, dark brown or charcoal are her personal favorites.

And in New York, where space is at a premium, white is more often than not the rule, since white does make a space look larger and lighter. Not to mention, that the “minimalist” look that has been so beloved by many interior decor mavens for so long (but really beginning to get tired to all of us) pushes the white box approach and moves away from color to define spaces.

While we can all enjoy the calmness provided by a room that features whites or neutral colors, it is not much fun or much of a design challenge. Take a bit of a risk! Wall color works exceptionally well and for full effect in a foyer or entryway (see the picture below with Yves Klein Blue and a dash of red, what a bold statement!) or in a living room where only one wall has been given a deep shade of Peridot Green (one of her favorite colors by Benjamin Moore).

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious or open kitchen, how about a citrus palette, shown in one Jonathan Adler’s creations? It looks really amazing, different and fresh. So, if you’re tired of the same old thing in your environment, and have a limited budget, paint is an excellent way to give your rooms a makeover with color and a punch of energy for 2010.

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