Christmas Décor Ideas

If you haven’t already, it is time to take out your Christmas lights and decorations and trim your tree.  You probably have tried and true decorations you use every year, maybe adding a piece or two each season.  This year though I suggest you throw tradition to the wind and think of doing something different.  Take a look at my Fox News Latino article for some ideas:

Casa Latina’s Christmas Décor Ideas

By     Published December 01, 2012   Fox News Latino

Christmas is just around the corner, and with our busy schedules it means that there is very little time left for decorating.

Nevertheless, we all want our homes to have that magical feeling that only the Christmas Season brings. Families and friends all over the world enjoy gathering in cozy, colorful, charming homes that reminds them of how lucky and blessed they are to have each other. Decorating for the holidays to give your home this effect does not have to be complicated and time consuming, it can be kept simple, elegant and unique.


We all know that red, green, gold, and silver are the traditional Christmas colors. And they make a wonderful combination to work with. However, this year why not give your Christmas tree a new look by selecting a monochromatic color theme? It’s simple to do and will give your tree a unique and stylish feel.

Start by selecting one color, such as blue. Pick your ornaments in different shades of blue such as metallic light blues, dark blues, glittered, sparkly blues, and even textured blues. Do not forget the lights, which also come in blue. The color-scheme design should also include the entire room; add accents of blue throughout the room such as on pillows, window treatments, table runners and garlands.

And let’s not forget the Christmas lights; they are also a big part of the holiday season both inside and outside the home. We see strands of lights everywhere, multi colored strands and the ever popular white strands framing homes, shrubs and bushes. What most of these homes have in common is the same color combination year after year.

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