Chocolate Chip Strawberry Ice cream

Hola mi gente!!

Do you want to know how to prepare a 2 ingredients treat? Let me tell you first how much I love ice cream. But my tastes and my family’s taste are different. So instead of buying a bunch of different flavors I decided to make some. It’s very simple I promise. This is a great recipe to prepare with your kids. I hope you enjoy this treat.

What you need:

2 cups heavy whipping cream

1 can condensed milk

The extras:

Any flavor you want to make your ice cream for this recipe. I am adding chocolate chip cookies and strawberries.

What you do:

Whip the cream in a mixer until fluffy. Next, add the condensed milk and mix together until creamy. Separate into separate tune or bowls and add chocolate chip cookies. Mix well in the other bowl and add fresas. Mix well and cover each bowl with Saran Wrap freeze for 6 hours.  Enjoy!!

Now remember you can add anything you want to the mixture. Be creative. Make sure to send me pictures!!

Buen Provecho!

Monroe (C)

Photo credit: allrecipes

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